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Ready, aim, FIRE!

We plan, we target,
we open fire!

In a matter of weeks, we promoted a Competition for the unofficial Euro 2012anthem so successfully that even stars like Feel, Wilki, Maryla Rodowicz, Lombard, Norbi, Pudelsi, KASA, Liber and IMISH submitted their entries, while Elżbieta Zapendowska and Radosław Majdan sat in as judges.

The Competition and its results were reported on by the largest media outlets in Poland, starting with the morning shows (Kawa czy Herbata, DD TVN) and ending with the evening news (Wiadomości, Fakty).

Over 80,000 votes were submitted by text in the finals and the Competition ended with a ceremony organized by us at the Platinium club in Warsaw with many journalists and reporters attending.

We turned the impossible into a success.

How do you create a far-reaching campaign on a limited budget? We have our own unconventional and innovative solutions. Send us your brief and find out for yourself.